How to Get a Job in the Arts Industry?



Job market in this day and age is more competitive than ever. Every field is looking for only the best of the best and won’t settle on applicants that are only passable.

Within this atmosphere, it is more difficult for the creative industry, particularly arts related. If you are an aspiring artist, chances are, you are on the sidelines, still looking for a job. It is tough to be taken seriously based solely on your creative skills, but if you remain positive and preserve, it can happen.

Don’t feel underwhelmed or belittled if you have an arts degree or your only useful skill is being able to draw or paint. You may not be on a high demand as engineers or businessmen, but your tools of trade can still be relevant to the world’s major industries. Here’s how you can get a job as an artist.

  • Build a portfolio

While most other jobs require a resume, for artists, the rules are slightly different. Your resume is going to be the work you have made in the past, so cherish and record everything. Whenever you create something, store it in an album. Even better is to have a physical copy of all your artwork.

Make a great looking portfolio whenever you have the time. In your free days, try to work on something that makes you feel good, and use that passion to enhance your portfolio.

  • Freelance

While you search for work, it is best to get some hands on experience with actual clients. There are tons of freelance or part time jobs available online for graphic designers, concept artist and digital modelers. Take some of these to gain some experience as well as learn what it’s like to work for someone else.

This will only add more years of work experience under your belt and prove to any potential employers that you are indeed fit for work.

  • Showcase your work

Once you have made some artwork, it’s time to show it to the world. Getting more and more attention towards your work is the best way to attract employers and people who might offer you a job. Go online and make yourself visible. Post your images on the forums and artist community hubs.

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