5 Alternate Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Alright so Valentine’s Day is round the corner and the love birds must be thinking of what to gift and what not to , yeah to avoid stupid gifts is also on the minds right.So what can be the best alternate gifts for the valentine’s which will stay in the memories longing last.

1.Theme Park : Go to your favorite theme park and enjoy all the rides like kids or may be if the weather permits go to the water park and have thrilling rides and have fun whole day , if affordable try the Disneyland.Its completely fresh to go out and have fun and it does eases the tensions out of the relationships.

2.Shop Unique Apparels : Like quoted T shirts and quoted cushions are the best ones which will last at-least for couple of years and its really romantic.

3.Learn Together : Go out to some great learning classes and enjoy the fun Like go out and try learning salsa or may be guitar or may me Ice skating , Try your luck at what ever you think  your partner will like.Salsa is not a bad idea as it also involves the special touch.

4.Make something of your own : Have you ever tried making something creative from your own hands.The easiest would be the flowers on Paper Idea , Go out and  Google it and make something very creative , make designs from flowers on a chart paper and write something very romantic for your partner , Or may be Balloons , Try creating something special with those red balloons and impress your partner,You will just need flowers , balloons  and some glue.Did I forgot to tell you that you need a special glittery pen to write something :P.

5.Prepare something Special : Like a Heart shaped Pizza , Try dimming out the lights , place some candles and prepare something simple but with special decoration  and it will do the trick. Just try out these simple ideas and I bet these will prove to be great for the Love of your life.


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