What to Wear in Goa

What to wear in Goa .
Whenever we think of goa we think of something very chilled out , relaxed and colorful.

Goa is a cool mix of style, colour and comfort.However, it is also hot and humid so I would suggest you to pack lightweight clothes in natural fibres; linen, silk and cotton. They have the double benefit of being not only comfortable to wear in Goa’s climate but also easy to wash.

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The Candle March

At Home : 

Rajan :Hey Mom I am on TV look Ryan is also there with that poster , The one with that Gandhi Topi , is me.
Mom : My Son , I am so Proud of you , But what were you doing there at India Gate, Did India won the World Cup Again.And whats written on that Poster.
Rajan : Come on Mom,You are such an Ignorant women , i was there just to support that Girl who got Raped.It was the candle march.And Its written Respect the Women.

Old Enough to Rape , Old Enough to be Hanged | Hang The Rapists

In My Honest opinion Rapists should be hanged ,I know Human rights activists won’t agree with me with this and when I will say even hang the juvenile Rapist they will shout against me with their loudest voice.But Let me tell you If they are old enough to do Rape they are old enough to be hanged.

What happened in nirbahaya’s Rape case is known to the world ,

The victim’s mother said: “Earlier, we were praying with folded hands before doctors and God for our daughter’s life. Now we are praying before JJB to convict her assaulter and award maximum sentence.”

The Slave

I never missed a single day. Everyday since her death I visited our sacred place. How could I not? It was the last promise I had made to her. I simply must keep it for as long as I may breath. On every waking morning I must visit this place.

I remember her last words. “This isn’t the end for us. I promise that one day I will visit you again. I will await you in our sacred place someday. Please wait for me.” It was then I vowed to visit this place every morning. This morning however had a somehow different feel than any other morning. On a normal day I would come here and sit on the bench by the water. As I woud listen to the soft current blowing the waves, greif and depression danced around me. Today however I did not feel sad in the slightest.

I sat on the bench and let the wind hit my face. I had nothing important to do that day. This new feeling was pleasent. I decided to sit there all day and just let the day fade away. It didn’t take long for the sun to sink beyond my view and the moon to take it’s place in the sky signaling nightfall. I don’t know how to explain it but I felt like I was no longer alone. A cold breeze crossed my lips. A kiss. I know it sounds strange but I felt a kiss.

I heard a voice then. It sounded like my wife. It sounded just like Maria. It couldn’t be though. She was dead. Against my disbelief I followed the voice. “This way my dear.” She said. I followed almost in a trance. I just kept following and at this point there was not a thought about it. It instantly became like second nature. The voice took me deep in the woods to a old run down building. It was covered in a black colored moss. There didn’t appear to be an entrance. The voice seemed to be originating from this place though.

I noticed a rock with a strange sysmbol on it. It was like the sillouette of a heart but with nails shooting through it. I pushed the rock aside revealing a hole in the wall just barely large enough for me to crawl through. The ground was muddy from last nights rain. The mushy sound it made when I was pushing through it made me nearly sick to my stomach. Noises like that always made me sick because I had such an expansive imagination.

When I got in there was one thing that caught my attention above all else. Everything in here was destroyed except a fullsize mirror in the center of the room. As I crept closer to the mirror the voice got louder. “That’s it. Almost there my love.” I looked into the mirror but it was not my reflection that stared back at me. It was Maria’s. “Maria… how is this possible?” I asked her. She smiled but did not answer. She was wearing a transparent night gown.

She tilted her head and slowly took off her gown. “Maria! What are you doing?!” I asked her. “How could I leave my hero without one last special goodbye?” She said. She stepped out of the mirror causing the glass to ripple like water. She put her arms around my shoulders and locked her fingers behind my neck. “I’m cold. Won’t you hold me?” She questioned me looking as innocent as possible.

She pushed her breasts up against my chest and began to tug on my pants. “Maria, stop. I… I can’t do this. Please tell me what’s going on!” I shouted at her. I tried to get away but she refused to let go. “Just submit my love. I do not have long.” Reluctently I accepted her words and stopped resisting. She forced her hand into my pants and began to feel away. I kissed her. It was the last kiss I ever got for just after it the sound of breaking glass echoed throughout the room.

I felt her bite my neck before she dissapeared. I was alone. I was in so much shock I did not even notice blood had started rushing from my neck. My face and hands got cold. I could feel it. I knew what happened. Maria, she was not dead and although I did not leave that place alive if you search for my body you will not find it. I am like many others of this place. I now live out my eternal days in the arms of my queen. I am her slave. Oh lady Maria, the great empress of the underworld how I love you. You are truly the most beautiful succubus of them all.

Deepika Padukone’s Breasts and TOI

While Deepika Padukone was basking compliments for her latest movie Finding Fanny, soon she was raging with anger against India’s so called leading newspaper, The Times Of India.Reasons best known to TOI and In fact Everyone Now.This is the state of leading News Papers in India these days,This is more than pathetic.At one place these leading newspapers and portals talk about women empowerment and then at the same place they thrive to get their audience via cheap publicity and sleazy pictures.For Long noone was taking a stand against these so called Leading Newspapers but what Deepika has done is worth an applause.

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Materialistic World , Dont we Love it

Why is the world so focused on physical assets- bank-balance, material-possessions, external beauty/body/cleavage…? What’s the value of good thoughts, clear heart, inner beauty & values like honesty, discipline etc. today? What is important to you

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